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Superior Welding Services, Inc. proudly presents the ultimate in underground Bomb, Tornado, Fallout, and Severe Weather shelters for the protection of your family, day care, or school, the Severe Weather Safe. The steel underground shelter concept has been in our family for many years. In the late 1950's, my Dad designed and began building steel tornado shelters. In the early 1960's, during the height of the Cold War, he designed and began building steel fallout or bomb shelters. This was a concept that was new to East Texas but went over great. I have taken the basics of the two designs, combined and improved for added protection and comfort during these dangerous and stressful times.

The Severe Weather Safe
is the ultimate in severe weather protection and can provide a peace of mind during these uncertain times of terrorist activities in America.

The Severe Weather Safe can provide dual protection for the family at home, or in the larger sizes, for day-cares, schools, businesses, mobile home parks, and neighbor hoods. In addition to the Severe Weather Safe, we also offer custom built Safe Rooms. Check us out. THANK YOU!

God Bless America!
Robert Post,
John 3:16

  • When installed properly, The Severe Weather Safe shelter is completely underground -- no hump or mound in the yard.
  • Shown with optional escape.
  • The Severe Weather Safe installs leaving a smooth and attractive yard
  • The Entrance to our shelters are easy and safe with hand rails and double binder door locks that hold during the most sever tornado and severe weather situations.
  • The Severe Weather Safe has a 90 entrance to help prevent suck-outs in direct-hit situations. 
    The Stair well even has room for a porta-potty for extended stays during Tornados, Severe Weather or Fallout with lots of storage under the stair well.

-Standard Features-

  • Epoxy-Asphalt Coating
  • Rotary Vent Caps
  • Double Inside Door Binders
  • Anti-slip Grate Stairs
  • All-seal Welded Seams
  • Inside Paint
  • 90 Staired Hand-railed Entrance
    (to prevent suck-outs in direct hits
-Basic Unit Sizes -
Sizes Excluding Entrance Dimensions
SWS 4'x8'
SWS 6'x8'
SWS 8'x8
SWS 10'x8'
SWS 12'x8'
Special Sizes
Over 12' in length are available by Special Quotes - Length can be added to fit your needs
-Optional Features-
Slide Entrance
Perfect for fast access at schools and daycare's
Escape Shaft
Ladders up and door opens inward. The Severe Weather Safe was designed with TOTAL safety in mind.
Emergency Escape
You won't be trapped by fallen debris on the entrance door.

Financing Available for Qualified Businesses
Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

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